Interior & Exterior Fillers

Earl's timbermate

 Earl’s® Timbermate®

Water-Based Wood Filler

Earl's MulTfill

 Earl’s® MulTfill®

Multi-Purpose Putty

Earl's MulTflex

 Earl’s® MulTflex®

Exterior Flexible Filler

Earl's Powder Putty

 Earl’s® Powder Putty®

Multi-Purpose Powder Filler

 Earl’s® Concremate®

Expanding Cement

 Agnew’s® Water Putty®

Multi-Purpose Filler & Floor Leveler

Agnew’s EcoPro

Ready to Use Water Based Filler Trade Range

Wood Repair

Wax Touch-Up Crayons

 Earl’s® Waxstix®

Wax Touch-Up Crayons

Earl's Wood Hardener

 Earl’s® Wood Hardener®

Rotten Wood Repairer

Epoxy Putties Pastes

Earl's PC Epoxy

Earl’s® PC Epoxy Putties & Pastes

Quick Setting PC Epoxy

Adhesives, Removers & Tapes

Glue Dots Adhesives

The NEW Way to Glue



Adhesive Remover

Tommy Tape®

Self Fusing Silicone Tape

Miracle Wipes Hero


Innovative Wipes

Earl's Graffiti Protection

Earl’s® Graffiti Protection

Graffiti Removal System

Tie downs

Earl’s® Quickties®

Tie Down Straps and Ropes


Tie Boss™

Better than a Bungee! Easier than a Ratchet

One Tie™

Strap, Bundle, Organise!

Surface Protection

Slipstick Foot®

Premium Furniture Feet

Bench gripper

Bench Gripper™

How Many Uses Will You Find?

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