Bench Gripper

How many uses will you find?

Raises | Grips | Supports | Levels
  • Holds loads up to 450kg
  • Non slip
  • Includes painters points
  • Withstands 150˚ C
Bench gripper

Get a Grip!

Securely grip, raise and protect your work with Slipstick universal bench grippers! Featuring a non-marring and extremely high traction gripping surface, these non-slip grippers firmly hold work pieces in place while sanding, sawing, painting, or assembly with or without clamps.

Not only designed as a handy work table tool, these universal grippers also work great as anti-slide protector pads under heavy furniture, shelving, appliances, machinery, and other heavy objects. Built solid and durable, Slipstick grippers are easy to clean after use (just wipe them off).

Includes 8 orange 70mm wide x 13mm tall work gripper discs that can be stacked together to raise a work surface or project for extra clearance (also includes 8 painter points).

Features and Benefits


• Ideal for raising and levelling, each work gripper will support up to 450kg
• Can be stacked together for incremental added height (each gripper raises 13mm).
• Durable high friction gripping surface securely holds projects/objects in place and is non-marring to safely protect both the work piece and work surface from damage.
• Built solid, each surface protecting gripper can support 450kg
• Works great on the floor as a non-skid support for heavy furniture, appliances, shelving, machinery, and other heavy objects



A handy tool for the work table that provides an elevated and level non slip surface for woodworking, sanding, routing, assembly, carving, painting, supporting, levelling and more.

A perfect addition to the tool box, workbench, workshop, craft room, or hobby table, these universal Grippers work similar to a bench vice/clamps and are like having an extra pair of helping hands.

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