Earl’s® MulTfill®

Multi-Purpose Paintable Putty

Multi Purpose Filler
  • Interior / Exterior
  • Ready to use straight
    from the tub
  • No Volatile Organic Compounds
  • No wastage
  • Won’t fall out
  • Paintable
  • Non sinking
  • Non shrinking
Earl's Multfill
Australian Made

Proudly 100% Australian made and owned.

Ready to use, indoor & outdoors

Earl’s Multi-Purpose MulTfill is the perfect filler to fill interior or exterior surfaces such as wood, rotted timber, masonry, plaster board, cement sheet, concrete, metal and more. Earl’s MulTfill is available in white, which is great for painted surfaces, and also a range of popular decking colours.

Earl’s Multi-Purpose MulTfill has No VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). This means it is harmless and remains stable.

Earl’s Multi-Purpose MulTfill is a heavy-bodied filler which gives you a high quality finish. It won’t crack or shrink and fills to any depth. Fill in 6mm layers.

Earls MulTfill
Earls MulTfill
Earls MulTfill
Earls MulTfill
Earls MulTfill

Earl’s® MulTfill® Colours

Teak (Cypress)

Teak (Cypress)













Please Note: Colours shown are a guide only and will differ from how you see it on screen.

Features and Benefits

Ready to use fine filler

Earl’s MulTfill is ready to use and is used directly from the container. If it starts to dry out add a few drops of water. It is advisable to keep the container tightly sealed.

Will not shrink, sink or fall out

Earl’s MulTfill sets hard when dry and will not shrink as it is acrylic and latex free.

Long shelf life

Earl’s MulTfill should last up to 5 years if the container is tightly sealed. In cold weather, add a few drops of warm water to thaw.

Spreads easily

Wet the putty knife and the filler flows easily.

Interior/ exterior

Can be used for all applications. However, Earl’s MulTfill does not absorb stain but will coat.

No acrylic, latex or solvents

Earl’s MulTfill has no acrylic latex or solvents. It is harmless, however, whenever sanding, always wear a suitable dust mask.

No VOC’s

Earl’s MulTfill is VOC free and harmless. Furthermore, it remains stable.

Sands easily, does not clog sandpaper

Use 120 grit paper or finer. Does not blind (clog) the paper if sanded when dry.

Takes almost all known coatings

Always test some coating on the filler prior to use If using a clear coat add colorants or oxide prior to using Earl’s MulTfill.

No waste

Return unused Earl’s MulTfill to the container.



Base material must be sound. Make sure area is clean and free of dust. If wood is rotted, use Earl’s Wood Hardener prior to filling.


Apply firmly using a plastic putty knife. Ensure void is filled as the filler is heavy bodied. Ensure that void is filled in 6mm layers maximum for deep cracks.

Ready to Use

If contents hardens in cold weather, add a few drops of warm water to soften.
May be coloured using tints, stains, oxides etc. Does not contain VOC’s.

Drying Time

Depending on weather and depth of fill, drying time may vary from 1hr to 3hrs. In cold weather, Earl’s MulTfill takes longer to dry. Can be speed dried with a heat gun or hairdryer. Earl’s MulTfill must be coated.


Earl’s MulTfill sands easily when dry. Clean tools with water. Wet colour in tub, is final colour when coated. Does not take stain evenly when dry.

As with all products producing dust, wear a dust mask (AS1716) when sanding.
Earl’s MulTfill is non flammable.


Use to fill nail holes, splits and end grain. Use on wood, brick, concrete, cement sheets, plasterboard etc.

Can be thinned slightly with water to make paste (Do not add more than 5% water by weight).

Frequently Asked Questions