Earl’s® Timbermate®

4-in-1 Non Acrylic Water-Based Woodfiller

Wood Putty | Grain Filler | Edge Filler | Crack Filler
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Non cracking
  • Non flammable
  • No waste
  • Won’t fall out
  • Interior grade
  • Non sinking
  • Non shrinking
  • No Volatile Organic Compounds
Timbermate Woodfiller
Australian Made

Timbermate is proudly 100% Australian made and owned.

So good you would not know it was there

TIMBERMATE Woodfiller is an interior grade wood putty, grain filler, edge filler and crack filler. When thinned slightly with water, it can also be used as a sanding sealer. Timbermate does not shrink, sink, crack or fall out and has an indefinite shelf life. It is non-flammable, freeze-thaw stable and can be used to the last gram.

The secret ingredient of TIMBERMATE is tap water and it has no Acrylic, Latex or Solvents. The TIMBERMATE formula is over 85 years old and is the only genuine water-based formula in the world proving that the formulation has stood the test of time.

Earl’s® Timbermate® Colours

Brush Box

Brush Box


Hardwood (Ash/Tassie Oak)








Cedar (Boxwood)



Natural (Tint Base)

Natural (Tint Base)

Rimu (Baltic Pine/Oregon)

Rimu (Baltic Pine/Oregon)





Mahogony (Meranti)

Mahogony (Meranti)



Teak (Cypress)

Teak (Cypress)

Please Note: Colours shown are a guide only and will differ from how you see it on screen.

Features and Benefits


• No Waste, usable to the last drop. If the tub dries out, just add water to soften.
• Won’t shrink, sink, crack or fall out.
• Suitable for use in all timbers including Particle Board, M.D.F. (Custom Wood), Plaster Board, Flooring, Panelling etc.
• Can be used as wood putty, sanding sealer, prime coat, grainfiller, crackfiller, undercoat & edge filler all in one.
• Available in 13 timber tones plus natural. Use white for top coats only.
• Can be tinted in wet state or overstained when dry. Use any type of colorant (i.e. water based, spirit based, ochres etc.).
• Easy sanding, will not clog paper when dry. Sanded dust can be mixed with water for re-use.
• Fast drying approx. 20-30 min, but can be heat dried with a heat gun or lamp for faster drying. Temperature can affect drying time.
• Clean hands or tools with water.
• Non flammable, non toxic, non yellowing.
• Solvent, latex and acrylic free.
• Heat proof and freezeproof.
• Provides a strong foundation for all top coats including single and two pack. products polyurethane’s, oils, acrylics, French polish wax etc.
• Takes nails, screws, planing, sawing, drilling and routing.
• Can be used on metal, plastic, fibreglass and in foundries.
• 100% Australian made and owned.
• Available in pack sizes of 250g, 500g, 2kg, 8kg, 20kg and 200kg.
• Interior grade.




Apply TIMBERMATE with a spatula or knife using hand pressure to force into the edge or end of the grain. For spray gun use, stir 10%-15% water into TIMBERMATE, fit a 2mm nozzle and set pressure to 60psi. Boards can be stacked for easy spraying. Allow to dry and sand with a fine grit paper and apply topcoat.

Woodfiller/Wood Putty

Fills cracks, knots, pin and screw holes, splits, blemishes, etc. Fill deep holes in layers allowing time for each layer to dry. Will not blind natural wood grain. Drying time is about 30 minutes. TIMBERMATE dries hard and smooth without shrinking or sinking and can be belt or drum sanded as it is not affected by heat, the hotter it gets the harder and faster it sets and that means less down time.

You can speed dry TIMBERMATE by adjusting the surrounding air temperature. This can be done by using either hot air, heat lamps, or kiln ovens. TIMBERMATE can be mixed with any stains before or after filler is dry. To match medium and darker shades mix with natural, pine or other light shades. Use white TIMBERMATE only for white top coats.


Mix 10% to 15% water into TIMBERMATE to make a perfect grainfiller, sanding sealer and prime coat all in one application. First sand surface and with fine grit sandpaper, then apply grainfiller to surface with a spray gun, paint roller, hessian or a cloth rolled into a ball, rub across the grain in a circular motion finishing with the grain. Once filler is dry, sand with either sandpaper or a power sander, using a fine grit paper. Grainfiler can be used in a roller or curtain coater or spray gun using a 2mm nozzle and 60psi pressure. Can be further thinned down with water if required.


Due to the finishing system used to manufacture MDF it is essential to seal the job with a water-based non-acrylic product before applying top coats.


Preparing old floors: Scrape all dust and waste between boards and surface as well as from knot holes and nail heads. Vacuum well and carry out first sanding to prepare for filling and coating. Ensure that floor is stabilised, dry and free of movement.

Application new floors and prepared old floors: Fill cracks, knot and nail holes and all blemished with a putty knife. Fill deeper holes in layers of about 6mm allowing each fill to dry. Apply TIMBERMATE to entire floor as a sealant, using a squeegee, trowel or paint roller. Allow to dry and sand off with a fine paper – 120 to 150 grit is recommended for best results. Floor can now be stained or varnished.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is TIMBERMATE toxic, flammable or harmful?

It is advisable to carry out safe work practices, as you would when working with dust. (Use an approved dust mask and safety goggles). TIMBERMATE contains no harmful ingredients and is non flammable.

Can TIMBERMATE be used externally?

No. TIMBERMATE is resoluble in water it is not advisable to use it outdoors. TIMBERMATE IS RECOMMENDED FOR INTERIOR USE. For external use, we recommend Earl’s MulTFill, Powder Putty or MulTflex Flexible Filler.

Can TIMBERMATE be used with stains and other finishes?

Yes. TIMBERMATE will take all types of known stains, coatings and colourants which can be water based, oil based, solvent or spirit based and even acid catalysed lacquers.

Can TIMBERMATE be grainfilled?

Yes. TIMBERMATE is a non solvent based filler and is ideal for grainfilling. Mix 10-15% hot water to thin the TIMBERMATE, then rub over the grain or spread thinly (see below for more detailed instructions).

TIMBERMATE will not raise or damage the grain.

TIMBERMATE is easy to sand and stain when dry. It is also heat proof so you can speed the drying time by heating with a hair dryer, heat gun, lights etc.

How is the grainfiller applied?

Take some TIMBERMATE out of the tub and place it in a separate container. Add approximately 10-15% water, (1gm=1ml) and mix into a slurry like paste (like toothpaste). Use a LINT FREE CLOTH AND RUB ACROSS THE GRAIN. When grainfiller goes “whitish” and sands off easily like talc powder, it is dry.

TIMBERMATE will not blind the sandpaper (ie. clog up). If sandpaper gets clogged, the grainfiller is not dry. Sand off in the same direction as the grain. Stain or coat when dry.

When is the stain applied?

You can stain before or after applying TIMBERMATE (see “How do I match colours?”).

How are colours matched?

Colour matching is easy:

  1. Add your colourant to the putty and match the exact colour whilst wet. TIMBERMATE will dry lighter, but coat back to its original wet colour once coated with clear finishes. The final result is what you see (wet) is what you get.
  2. You can stain TIMBERMATE once it is dry. To test if dry, just rub sandpaper over putty. If putty clogs the sandpaper the filler is still wet. Wait for TIMBERMATE to dry and then stain.

How long does TIMBERMATE take to dry?

The length of time depends on the weather and depth of fill.

  • In hot weather TIMBERMATE dries quicker.
  • In cold weather the depth of fill will determine the drying time.

You can speed up the drying time by using a heat gun, hair dryer or light.

What depth or width can be filled?

Do not fill holes deeper than 6-8mm at a time. TIMBERMATE dries quicker when filled in layers. Allow TIMBERMATE to dry between layers.

Why is the tub hard some days and feels dry and soft on other days?

TIMBERMATE is water based. It contains no harmful solvents or acrylics and is therefore temperature sensitive. The warmer the weather or environment, the softer the putty. On hot days it will start to dry in the tub if not properly sealed. Add a few drops of water to re moisten.

How is TIMBERMATE softened?

Add a few drops of warm water to the top of the tub. It will soften quite quickly. If tub is frozen, thaw out by standing tub in a tub of hot water or place in a microwave for 20 seconds. TIMBERMATE is freeze thaw stable.

Can TIMBERMATE be used for any other purpose other than wood repair?

TIMBERMATE does not shrink, sink, crack or fall out and can be used on plasterboard, masonry, fibreglass, plastic and any other surface. Please note: Steel must be coated with a primer to avoid rusting.

Can TIMBERMATE go off or does it have a shelf life?

TIMBERMATE has an unlimited shelf life and will last indefinitely. If contents become dry, add a few drops of water to reconstitute. DO NOT add more water than is necessary or leave excess water in tub for a long period of time. The trapped excess water in the tub will cause the putty to become contaminated and it will start to degenerate.

Why are so many colours available?

We manufacture 13 colours to match almost all shades and types of timber. If you are using a clear coat you must match your putty colour. If staining, use natural (tinting base).

What is tint base (natural) putty and why?

Tint base (natural putty) is putty in its natural state uncoloured. You may add the lightest shade of tint to change its colour.

Can TIMBERMATE be used on floors?

TIMBERMATE is ideal for filling cracks, gaps, and nail holes in floors. TIMBERMATE will enhance the grain on the floor. As it does not shrink, sink, crack or fall out it is highly recommended for all floors.

Can TIMBERMATE be used with French polish and waxes?

You can use all types wf Waxes, Shellac and oils on TIMBERMATE.

How is a incorrect match or badly filled hole fixed?

Errors can be fixed with ease. If TIMBERMATE is not coated then wash it out. If already coated, then break the top coat and then wash out. Refill or rematch if necessary.

Where can TIMBERMATE be purchased?

TIMBERMATE is available at all leading hardware, paint and department stores in Australia. See list of international contacts for overseas suppliers.

For larger quantities, contact the TIMBERMATE head office for your nearest distributor.

For all inquiries, please call 03 9873-4811 or free call 1800 354 811 (mobile phones excluded).

Is TIMBERMATE Australian owned and manufactured?

Yes. TIMBERMATE is 100% Australian owned and manufactured. An all Australian dedicated workforce does all manufacturing in our Melbourne factory.