About Timbermate Group

Proudly 100% Australian owned with a core focus on local manufacturing.

When Timbermate began operations in 1991, it attracted instant respect for its Australian made, water-based woodfiller range, which is now sold in 20 countries and remains a flagship product of the group.

While Timbermate’s R&D and manufacturing policies have remained consistent over the last quarter-century, with a steely focus on ‘hands on’ production processes and first-class materials, the organisation and its product ranges have evolved dramatically in tandem with ever changing market requirements.

Today, the name Timbermate is associated with a burgeoning range of specialised DIY and Trade products, including MulTflex® exterior flexible filler, Concremate® expanding cement, as well as Earl’s-brand products such as Earl’s MulTFill interior-exterior ready-to-use filler, and Earl’s Wood Hardener and Powder Putty Filler. More recently, Timbermate added Agnew’s Water Putty, which has a rich history dating back to the 1920s, to its portfolio. Other well-known products in the Timbermate stable include Quickties® tiedown straps, WAXSTIX® touch-up crayons, and Tommy Tape® self-fusing silicone tape, to name a few.

The common threads behind all products in Timbermate’s inventory are clear: great value and quality, high-demand niche markets, and strong appeal across diverse customer bases.

Timbermate’s ongoing success can be attributed not only to its ‘must have’ product ranges, but also to its hands-on manufacturing and distribution practices, which are based at the company’s headquarters in Melbourne. This base is the hub of an expanding network of loyal resellers and end users around the world: the company maintains offices in Los Angeles, California, and makes use of agencies in nearly two dozen countries. Retail partners throughout Asia, Canada, the Americas, the Indian Subcontinent and Asia-Pacific region all value Timbermate’s seamless supply channels and professional support services.

Product Catalogue

The 2020 Timbermate Group Product Catalogue is now available to view online or download as a PDF.

Use our interactive online catalogue to find the right products for all the repair, patch or filler jobs around the home, big or small.

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