Earl’s® PC Epoxy Putties & Pastes

Quick Setting PC Epoxy

Waterproof | Non Toxic | Quick Setting
  • Waterproof
  • Non toxic when cured
  • Available in both putty and paste for different applications
  • Mouldable, sandable
  • Rapid cure times
Earl's PC Epoxy
Australian Made

Timbermate is proudly 100% Australian made and owned.

The only waterproof, non toxic, quick-setting PC epoxy putty, now available in Australia

These hand-mouldable, epoxy putty and paste sticks are perfect for quick repairs to a variety of materials.

• Non-toxic when cured
• Just knead and apply or mix the paste
• Waterproof – PC 11 can be used underwater
• Bonds and dries rapidly
• Pastes can be used for bonding, sealing and filling


Epoxy Pastes

PC 7
PC-7 Heavy Duty Epoxy Paste

The strongest and thickest waterproof epoxy paste with great fill characteristics. Can be sanded, painted and also moulded before curing. Dries to a grey colour. Use on dry surfaces only. Non toxic when dry.

• For tough jobs
• Sealing, bonding / shaping
• Filling voids

Workable time 1 HR / Dry time 12-24 HRS
PC-11 Paste Epoxy Paste

The ideal waterproof epoxy paste for wet surfaces or where colour is critical. Cures underwater. Dries to off-white, is tintable and can be sanded. Marine grade. Also available in syringe pack. Non toxic when dry.

• Wet, dry or underwater repairs

Workable time 35 MINS / Dry time 8-15 HRS

Epoxy Glues

PC Clear Epoxy
PC-Clear Epoxy

Fast curing but allows ample time to apply and position the repair.

• For repairs that must be less visible
• Strength rivalling that of heavy duty paste epoxies

Workable time 4 MIN / Dry time 1 HRq
PC-Super Epoxy
PC-Super Epoxy

It has unlimited uses in bonding, assembling, filling and sealing most materials and can be applied via a static mix nozzle vertically and overhead. It cures quickly at room temperature to form a resilient, non-conductive bond or seal that resists most chemicals, fresh and salt water, petrol and fuel oil.

• Non-Drip, Translucent Paste
• Strength in excess of 2500 psi

Workable time 15 MINS / Dry time 3-4 HRS

Epoxy Putties

PC Crete Putty
PC-Crete Putty

This waterproof, hand mouldable epoxy is made with real aggregate. Apply to clean, dry surfaces. Non toxic when dry.

Fast, emergency repairs to :
• masonry
• statues
• birdbaths
• steps & curbs – anchoring

Workable time 3 MINS / Dry time 1 HR
PC Lumber Putty
PC-Lumber Putty

Waterproof, hand mouldable putty that can be used in wet areas. Sand, stain or paint in an hour. Non toxic when dry.

• Replacing and reshaping missing timber
• Fill nail, screw and knot holes
• Repair furniture etc.

Workable time 15 MINS / Dry time 1 HR
PC Marine Putty
PC-Marine Putty

Hand mouldable, waterproof putty. Quick to cure in wet, dry or underwater conditions. Non toxic when dry.

Quick emergency repairs to :
• fibreglass
• PVC, boats
• spas & swimming pools
• ponds,
• water tanks etc.

Workable time 15 MINS / Dry time 1 HR
PC Plumbing
PC-Plumbing Putty

Waterproof and NSF® rated for safe contact with drinking water. Non toxic when dry.

• Apply to wet or dry surfaces
• For quick plumbing repairs such as leaking pipes etc.

Workable time 3 MINS / Dry time 1 HR
PC Farenheit
PC-Fahrenheit Putty

Cures fast, holds strong in high temperatures. Waterproof and non toxic when cured.

• Repairs where temperatures may elevate to 260oC
• Ideal for exhausts, engine blocks, grills, stoves, steam pipes, BBQs etc.

Workable time 8 MINS / Dry time 1 HR
PC Metal
PC-Metal Putty

Waterproof liquid steel in a putty! Safe contact with drinking water Ideal for quick repairs to metal. Non toxic when dry.

Quick emergency repairs to :
• gas tanks
• metal drums
• radiators
• metal & steel doors – tools, pipes etc.

Workable time 3 MINS / Dry time 1 HR

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I repair a hole in the hull of a boat?

1. PC-Marine Epoxy Putty is perfect for repairing fiberglass or wooden boats. We’re fixing a hole in this Australian Fairy Penguin Dinghy.

2. Cut a piece of marine ply, larger than the hole.

3. Use a a premium grade multi-purpose construction adhesive to glue the patch to the inside of the hull.

4. Wearing gloves, remove PC-Marine from it’s packaging. Peel off the clear protective film to expose the two part epoxy.

5. Work the epoxy until it has an even colouring.

6. Fill the hole by working the epoxy into the hole and surrounding area.

7. Allow to cure for 24 hours.

8. Sand the epoxy.

9. Sand until smooth.

10. Paint over the repaired hole, wait for pain to dry then it’s time to hit the water!