Earl’s® Wood Hardener®

Rotten Wood Repairer

Restores timber like new
  • Ready to use straight from the tub
  • Saves costly replacement
  • No waste
  • No Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Non toxic when cured
Earl's Wood Hardener
Australian Made

Earl’s Wood Hardener is proudly 100% Australian made and owned.

Restores timber like new. Save on costly replacements

Earl’s Wood Hardener penetrates into soft rotted wood fibres, restoring them to near original strength. This means you can repair even the most damaged wood, ready for full restoration.

No longer do you need to dig out the rot. Simply apply and Earl’s Wood Hardener will penetrate. Once dry, patch and paint (if desired). It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Features and Benefits


Ideal for interior and exterior jobs

Furniture, fences, decking, posts, window sills and sashes any wooden surface – the list is endless. Earl’s Wood Hardener will save you hundreds of dollars on replacements.

Pre-mixed and ready to apply

Earl’s Wood Hardener comes pre-mixed and ready to apply. Shake before use.

Water based – safe and friendly

Modern technology has allowed the development of a water-based consolidant that is also non-toxic once cured and completely safe to use around the home and playgrounds etc.

Long shelf life

Earl’s Wood Hardener has a shelf life in excess of two years. Always use in temperatures above 7°C.

Easy to Apply

Ensure area to be treated is dry, free of dirt, dust or grease and remove loose paint, varnish or flaky wood. Generously apply Earl’s Wood Hardener by pouring, spraying, brushing or sponging onto area to be restored. Repeatedly saturate the rotted wood fibres to enable the deepest possible penetration. Let cure until solid and not tacky to the touch. Multiple treatments might be needed on extremely soft wood.

Area shown has been treated with Earl’s Wood Hardener and then filled with Earl’s Powder Putty and painted. Can use MulTfill or MulTflex.

Before Earl's Wood Hardener

Before Earl’s Wood Hardener

After Earl's Wood Hardener

After Earl’s Wood Hardener

Earl’s Wood Hardener should be considered a non-structural wood hardener. For more safety information, please read directions and safety instructions on the product’s label before use. Tips for application: Find a spot 75mm (3”) on either side of the rot, drill holes between these 2 points and spray, brush or syringe Earl’s Wood Hardener into area.



• Fences
• Weatherboards
• Window sill/sashes
• Playground equipment
• Door Frames
• Posts
• Panelling
• Fence Palings
• Furniture
• Outdoor tables/chairs
• Decorative beams
• Decks and more

Frequently Asked Questions