Innovative Wipes

Removes Paint & Epoxy | Cleans Grease & Stains
  • Absorbent lock design
  • Professional grade
  • Low solvent
  • Surface & skin safe
Miracle Wipes Hero

Seeing is believing!

MiracleWipes® are a true innovation with an incredible back story. MiracleWipes® were originally developed for boat builders on the coast of Maine that were trying remove fibreglass epoxy, a difficult to remove product from hands, surfaces, clothes and tools. MiracleWipes® were so effective at removing fibreglass epoxy that the Miracle Brand founders decided to make other specialty formulations to safely and effectively remove oil based paint, latex paint, epoxy, grease, spray paint, stain and other really difficult to remove contaminants from your hands, tools, and surfaces.

Features and Benefits



• All-purpose paint wipes (90 count)
• Paint preparation wipe
• Absorb and lock design
• Surface and skin safe
• Wipe size: 12” x 6” (each)
• Made in the USA


• Eliminate odors and leave feet feeling fresh and clean
• Maximum strength shoe deodoriser spray (4 oz)
• Infused with natural essential oils
• Won’t stain socks, shoes, or skin
• Eliminates odors for a light, fresh scent
• Work great on gym bags, locker, sporting equipment, laundry hampers, and more



MiracleWipes® for Paint

Painting can get messy and cleaning up after painting jobs can be time consuming and tedious! That’s why Miracle Brands has developed a paint wipe that not only makes cleaning up after painting projects easier, but it also serves as a surface prep wipe for walls, baseboards, cabinets and more! MiracleWipes® easily removes oil-based paints, latex paints, caulking, epoxy, colorant and more.

MiracleSpray™ Protective Spray

Protect your shoes from stains and water with Earl’s Miracle Spray Shoe Protective Spray.

Prolong the life of your favourite pair of boots with Earl’s Miracle Spray Boot Protective Spray.

Protects against all different types of contaminants such as dirt, grease, grime, water, and other liquid.

Our unique spray design allows you to cover large areas quickly and effectively. Protect your boots up to 6-8 weeks with one spray application.

MiracleSpray™ Odor Eliminator

Eliminate odors with the advanced Earl’s Miracle Spray. Whether you spend all day on your feet or just struggle with sweaty odors, you need a shoe deodorant that eliminates the smell while keeping your feet dry, clean, and healthy. That’s why we created Earl’s Miracle Spray Odor Eliminator.

Earl’s Miracle Spray Odor Eliminator does more than mask smelly odors; it completely eliminates them with essential oils. Tough on odors and gentle on socks and feet, our maximum strength odor eliminator is made for even the smelliest shoes!

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