MiracleWipes® for Paint

Innovative Wipes

Removes Paint & Epoxy | Cleans Grease & Stains
  • Absorbent lock design
  • Professional grade
  • Low solvent
  • Surface & skin safe
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Seeing is believing!

Earl’s MiracleWipes® for Paint provide you with a quick and convenient clean-up for hands and tools. They can also be used for surface prep to wipe away dirt, grease and grime. MiracleWipes® for Paint are exceptionally powerful and safe to use on hands (low VOC) and all painted surfaces – removing oil based paint, resin, caulking, urethane, stain, epoxy and more. They have a dual textured design that removes paint into the wipe and away from the outer layer – reducing smears and speeding clean-up.

Features and Benefits


MiracleWipes® for Paint

Works on Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint, Latex Paint, Stains, Caulking, Epoxy, urethane foam, fiberglass resin, grease, oil and inks.

Safe for hands, tools, metal, glass, plastic, porcelain, ceramic, stone, cement, leather, wood, fabric clothing, carpet and wicker.

• Paint preparation wipe
• Absorb & Lock design
• Consumer Safe low VOC (volatile organic compound)
• Surface and skin safe
• Natural Spearmint Scent
• Wipe size: 30cm x 15cm (12” x 6”) each
• Made in the USA



MiracleWipes® for Paint

Painting can get messy and cleaning up after painting jobs can be time-consuming and tedious! That’s why Miracle Brands has developed a paint wipe that not only makes cleaning up after painting projects easier, but it also serves as a surface prep wipe for walls, baseboards, cabinets, and more!

MiracleWipes® for Paint offers Do-It-Yourselfers and professional painter’s quick and convenient cleanup for tools, surfaces, and your hands.

MiracleWipes® easily removes oil-based paints, latex paints, caulking, epoxy, colorant, and more.

Try MiracleWipes® for Paint today and save time on your prep and cleanup!

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