Adhesive Remover
Sticker | Tape and Label Remover

The only product that has more uses than duct tape!

Un-du is an un-common adhesive removal system that customers will stick with for hundreds of home, of office and shop uses. Who hasn’t come un-glued trying to remove tape from an appliance? A price sticker from a crystal vase? Masking tape from wood trim? And how many of your customers live to regret the day they put that “ fower power” bumper sticker on their ute? Several drops of Un-du will safely and easily un-stick these problems and better still, once Un-du evaporates the stickiness returns allowing the sticker to be re-used.

Un-du adhesive remover is Acid Free. Use on almost any surface to remove any sticky labels.


Un-Du Adhesive Remover

You’ll be amazed at how many uses you’ll find for Un-Du around the home or in the office – from cleaning bubble gum from the carpet to lifting price stickers from gifts.

• Remove labels from envelopes/packages
• Remove White Out
• Open self-stick envelopes/padded mailers
• Remove labels and Barcodes
• Lift stickers from computer disks/ cassette tapes
• Remove stickers from office furniture
• Remove bubble gum from carpet or tar on floors etc.

Use acid free Un-Du with confidence on:

• Fine wood furniture
• Acid & lignin free papers
• Wallpaper/paint
• Photos
• Delicate fabrics
• Glass & Plastics
• Carpets & Upholstery
• Metals and More

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