Self Fusing Silicone Tape
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Manufactured from a specially formulated silicone rubber compound.

This amazing tape is not sticky at all – but within minutes of wrapping an object, it begins to fuse to itself, forming an air and watertight bond. It stretches to three times its length, so you can wrap even oddly shaped items. It has thousands of uses in all sorts of industries and in the home.

Note: Will not work if it does not wrap on itself.

Features & Benefits of Tommy Tape

• Adhesive Free – Has no sticky side, so won’t leave sticky residue after removal.
• Self Fusing – Fuses to itself within minutes of wrapping and sets in hours. leaving no mastic residue if removed.
• Watertight and Airtight – The perfect seal for thousands of applications.
• Resists Temperatures Of -54°C To 260°C – Can be applied in various “extreme temperature” applications.
• A Dielectric Strength Of Up To 400 Vpm – Makes it an excellent insulator.
• Withstands Pressures In Excess Of 700 Psi.
• 300% elongation – Stretches to form  t virtually any odd shape, and will not crack or unravel during expansion or contraction.
• Resists UV, Salt, Oil and Chemicals

Note: Will not work if it does not wrap on itself.


Provides a padded, slip- proof surface on railings, tool handles and tool grips without leaving a residue on hands. Make temporary repairs to garden hoses, polythene pipe, hot air ducts, vacuum cleaner hoses, wastes, water, leaks etc

Waterproof – even apply underwater. Make emergency repairs to exhaust hoses, water lines, wrap around boat rigging, bandage splintery rails. Won’t be harmed by diesel fuels, oils or saltwater. Perfect for whipping ends of ropes, cables and winch handles.

Electricians love Tommy Tape, it makes termination splicing fast and easy. Replaces heat shrinkable sleeving and insulation tape etc

Always keep a roll in the car to wrap around burst radiator hose or provide grip and insulation on jumper leads, exhausts, battery cables, hydraulic fittings etc

Available in 7 Colours





Cherry Red


Multi 3 Pack

Please Note: Colours shown are a guide only and will differ from how you see it on screen.

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