Quick Setting PC Epoxy
Waterproof | Non Toxic | Quick Setting

The only waterproof, non toxic, quick-setting PC epoxy putty, now available in Australia

These hand-mouldable, epoxy putty and paste sticks are perfect for quick repairs to a variety of materials.

• Non-toxic when cured
• Just knead and apply or mix the paste
• Waterproof – PC 11 can be used underwater
• Bonds and dries rapidly
• Pastes can be used for bonding, sealing and filling


PC-7 Heavy Duty Epoxy Paste

The strongest and thickest waterproof epoxy paste with great fill characteristics.
Can be sanded, painted and also moulded before curing. Dries to a grey colour.
Use on dry surfaces only. Non toxic when dry.

• For tough jobs
• Sealing, bonding / shaping
• Filling voids

Workable time 1 HR  / Dry time 12-24 HRS


PC-11 Paste Epoxy Paste

The ideal waterproof epoxy paste for wet surfaces or where colour is critical. Cures underwater. Dries to  off-white, is tintable and can be sanded. Marine grade. Also available in syringe pack. Non toxic when dry.

• Wet, dry or underwater repairs

Workable time 35 MINS / Dry time 8-15 HRS

PC-Clear Epoxy

Fast curing but allows ample time to apply and position the repair.

• For repairs that must be less visible
• Strength rivalling that of heavy duty paste epoxies

Workable time 4 MIN  / Dry time 1 HRq

PC-Super Epoxy

It has unlimited uses in bonding, assembling, filling and sealing most materials and can be applied via a static mix nozzle vertically and overhead. It cures quickly at room temperature to form a resilient, non-conductive bond or seal that resists most chemicals, fresh and salt water, petrol and fuel oil.

• Non-Drip, Translucent Paste
• Strength in excess of 2500 psi

Workable time 15 MINS / Dry time 3-4 HRS


PC-Crete Putty

This waterproof, hand mouldable epoxy is made with real aggregate. Apply to clean, dry surfaces. Non toxic when dry.

• Fast, emergency repairs to :
– masonry
– statues
– birdbaths
– steps & curbs – anchoring

Workable time 3 MINS  / Dry time 1 HR


PC-Lumber Putty

Waterproof, hand mouldable putty that can be used in wet areas. Sand, stain or paint in an hour. Non toxic when dry.

• Replacing and reshaping missing timber
• Fill nail, screw and knot holes
• Repair furniture etc.

Workable time 15 MINS / Dry time 1 HR


PC-Marine Putty

Hand mouldable, waterproof putty. Quick to cure in wet, dry or underwater conditions. Non toxic when dry.

• Quick emergency repairs to :
– fibreglass
– PVC, boats
– spas & swimming pools
– ponds,
– water tanks etc.

Workable time 15 MINS  / Dry time 1 HR


PC-Plumbing Putty

Waterproof and NSF® rated for safe contact with drinking water. Non toxic when dry.

• Apply to wet or dry surfaces
• For quick plumbing repairs such as leaking pipes etc.

Workable time 3 MINS / Dry time 1 HR


PC-Fahrenheit Putty

Cures fast, holds strong in high temperatures. Waterproof and non toxic when cured.

• Repairs where temperatures may elevate to 260oC
• Ideal for exhausts, engine blocks, grills, stoves, steam pipes, BBQs etc.

Workable time 8 MINS  / Dry time 1 HR


PC-Metal Putty

Waterproof liquid steel in a putty! Safe contact with drinking water Ideal for quick repairs to metal. Non toxic when dry.

• Quick emergency repairs to :
– gas tanks
– metal drums
– radiators
– metal & steel doors – tools, pipes etc.

Workable time 3 MINS / Dry time 1 HR

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