The NEW Way to Glue
Waterproof | Non Toxic | Quick Setting

What are Glue Dots®?

Glue Dots® are double-sided adhesives that bond instantly to virtually any surface.

They are mess-free, non-toxic, and require no dry time; making home repairs and DIY projects quick and easy. Glue Dots® also work great as a “second set of hands” to hold items in place before nailing or screwing.  Available in multiple formulas and formats, there is a Glue Dots® solution for DIY homeowners and contractors alike.

Glue Dots® bond instantly to virtually any surface and require no dry time so they are the ideal adhesive to keep around the house for quick  fixes and everyday projects. Glue Dots® Brand Adhesives are always ready to tackle your next project.

Glue Dots® are Easy-To-Use, Photo Safe, Non-Toxic, Instant Bonding, Mess-Free, Compliant to ASTM D-4236 and Acid-Free.

No Mess, No Clamps, No Expansion



Glue Dots® Dot N Go Dispenser  fits in the palm of your hand and is perfect for quick fixes and repairs. Just press the dispenser onto the surface and pull toward you to dispense the right amount of adhesive for the job.

• Great for quick, on-the-go jobs
• Small footprint; stores easily in a toolbox, drawer, purse, or backpack
• Use as an alternative to traditional tapes



Glue Dots® Double-Sided Sheets can be custom cut to any size or shape. Simply trim the sheet, peel o  the top liner, and press into place. Use an entire sheet for larger items or when you need extra holding power.

• Cut-to-size design provides adhesive coverage for projects both big and small
• A clean leading edge makes application easy – just peel and stick
• Re-sealable bag allows for easy storage


Mounting Tape

HybriBondTM Mounting Tape is engineered to bond instantly to virtually any surface holding lightweight items weighing up to 2lbs with a strong, secure bond.

Unlike permanent mounting tapes, HybriBond removes cleanly without damage or staining, so you can change your mind or change location without a second thought.


Flexible Hang Tabs

Flexible Hang Tabs bond instantly to virtually any surface and remove cleanly without damage.

The crystal clear design offers a clean installation, maximizing aesthetics. Ideal for hanging lights, balloons, streamers, and much more.

Repositionable Adhesives

Glue Dots® Repositionable Adhesives remove cleanly without damage making it ideal for hanging signs, securing rugs and leveling picture frames.  Use the Repositionable formula anywhere you need a reliable bond that can be easily removed without damaging a surface.


Secure Area Rugs:

Secure a rug to your tile, wood and laminate floors without damage. Simply apply a few dots on the corners of the rugs and apply pressure to keep the rug securely in place. Remove the rug for cleaning when needed without risk of damage.

DIY Projects:

Glue Dots® Repositionable adhesive makes DIY projects a breeze without worry of damage. You can change your mind and your décor by using Repositionable adhesive for quick projects around your home.

Level Frames & Artwork:

Crooked pictures and wall art are a nuisance. Use Glue Dots® Repositionable adhesive to secure picture frames to a wall to keep them in a level position without damage.

Stainless Steel Appliances:

Magnets don’t work on stainless steel appliances, that is why Glue Dots® Repositionable adhesive is a great solution. They hang lightweight items and remove cleanly without residue.

Light Up The Night:

Flexible Hang Tabs make stringing lights quick and easy, keep your lights secure and remove them without a second thought.

Make Your Balloons Pop:

Dress up your event with balloons and Flexible Hang Tabs. Simply slide a balloon into the tab and press to the wall for a simple

and easy decorating solution.

Advanced Strength Adhesives®

Glue Dots® Advanced Strength Adhesives are ideal for tough jobs and DIY projects that require exceptional holding power. The thicker profile provides a strong, permanent bond, for making it ideal for everyday repairs both large and small.


Extra Set of Hands:

Ditch traditional liquid glues for Glue Dots® Advanced Strength adhesive for quick repairs and home projects. Use on wood, glass, metal, and more for a strong, secure bond without the mess or dry time..

Replace Broken or Loose Tile:

Need to  fix your backsplash or bath? Save time and make a reliable repair. Because Glue Dots® Advanced Strength adhesive bonds instantly you can grout it immediately without having to wait overnight for the adhesive to dry.

Home Decor:

Refresh home decor items with a coat of paint and Glue Dots® Advanced Strength adhesive. Add glass tile, metal or wood embellishments, and more for a new look. Because Glue Dots® bond instantly, the only waiting you’ll do is for the paint to dry.

Repair the Sole of Your Shoe:

Do you have a  flapping sole on your shoe? Glue Dots® Advanced Strength adhesives are perfect for repairing your favorite pair of shoes. Unlike other adhesives, Glue Dots® bond safely to foam, rubber, wood, and leather.

No Drips, No Mess:

DIY projects are a breeze with Glue Dots® Advanced Strength adhesive. The double-sided adhesive bonds instantly to virtually any surface with no mess, no expansion or clamps.

Secure Molding & Trim:

Glue Dots® Advanced Strength adhesives are perfect for securing molding, such as baseboards or installing decorative trim around a mirror. Use a few dots to hold the trim in place before fastening.

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