Exterior Flexible Filler
Timber and Masonry

Single pack exterior grade flexible filler for any job

MulTflex is a unique all purpose, single pack adhesive flexible filler and is suitable for repairing brick, timber, plaster board, metal, gutters, around pipes, glass, etc. It is suitable for many exterior jobs that need a flexible filler. Use MulTflex on decks, window frames etc to repair rotten timber and masonry. Ideal for render repairs.

Our unique formulation is unaffected by temperature and won’t crack with vibration and can be painted to match surrounds when dry.

MulTflex is proudly 100% Australian made and 100% Australian owned.


MulTflex® for timber and masonry, ideal for render repairs


Cut away decayed wood (or use Earl’s Wood Hardener) until only sound timber is left. MulTflex is easily moulded into the shape of the original timber and makes for the perfect repair if smoothed and painted. 

Masonry Fillings
MulTflex is ideal for sealing around pipes because it won’t crack with temperature changes and vibration. For central heating pipes no longer than 6 metres, wind plastic foil e.g. polythene sheet, around pipe to allow movement through seal when heating up and cooling down.



Rotted Timber
Use MulTflex just like putty. MulTflex is more resistant to rain than putty and will never shrink, crack or fall out once applied. To remove MulTflex from broken glass, soften with a blow lamp. To repair rotton wood, use Earl’s Wood Hardener

Timber Imperfections
Use MulTflex for  lling nail holes and repairing knot holes, etc on decks. Add the colourant to the MulTflex to match. Fill holes not more than 5mm at a time. Fill and allow to dry.

Application tips for applying MulTflex successfully

• Always stir vigorously before use.
• To make MulTflex more workable you can add a few drops of water – but only a few drops.
• For a satin smooth finish, smooth the final application of MulTflex with a wet knife or brush.
• When using as a filler remember MulTflex sets very hard. To avoid excessive rubbing down, do not over ll the hole. For smoothing off when set, rub down with dry emery paper
• With deep holes, apply MulTflex in several thin layers (max. 6mm) rather than one thick one. Drying time: 2 hours.
• Frost does not affect MulTflex when set but MulTflex should be stored in a frost-free place and should not be used when the temperature is below 5°C.

Note : for interior jobs, use Timbermate Water-Based Wood Filler.  For jobs which require a very smooth finish we recommend Earl’s MulT fill.