Graffiti Removal System
Graffiti Barrier | Graffiti Remover


Non Toxic, Non Caustic Soda. Easy and safe to use. Australian made. With our graffiti removal system we are able to prevent surfaces from being damaged by graffiti or help remove graffiti after an attack.

Use our Barrier/Remover program as a one-stop system. We have the solution – the barrier forms an invisible shield for easy removal. The area can be protected before being targeted.  Use our Graffiti protection program on walls, doors, fences etc., or even commercially where buildings are at risk!

As used to remove graffiti on the Sydney Opera House.


Before we are attacked, Bring in the defense:

With the Graffiti Management System, we begin the protection of the surface with GRAFFITI BARRIER. This is a non harmful, sacrificial protective barrier coat applied to surfaces that may become the target for graffiti. It is a unique blend that will dry opaque.

Suitable for Domestic or commercial property for surfaces such as:  Bricks, Cement Render, Timber Fences, Stone, Garage Doors and Metal etc.

Application instructions:

Apply the Graffiti Barrier coat sparingly to the surface with a roller or brush. Use roller direction once only.

One litre covers approximately 6 square metres on render or dark surfaces. Try a small area first to ensure it does not dull the surface. For best results, do not use in cold weather below 12 ̊c. Shake well and stir, see tub for more details.


Already been targetted? Repel it with Attack:

If you have used GRAFFITI BARRIER to protect a surface (if not, see step below) proceed with the removal of graffiti with GRAFFITI REMOVER, an environmentally friendly, non caustic Graffiti Remover that dissolves the graffiti. The dissolved graffiti can be hosed off with water.

No Defence? There is hope: GRAFFITI REMOVER is a non-caustic heavy duty graffiti remover, designed for removing graffiti from most surfaces including bricks, cement render, timber fences, stone and metal without the need to barrier coat the affected surface need to barrier coat the affected surface.

Suitable for Domestic or commercial property for surfaces such as:  Bricks, Render, Timber Fences, Stone, Garage Doors & Metal signs etc.

Application instructions:

Unpainted Surfaces

Spray Graffiti Remover directly onto graffiti and allow to dissolve, then scrub with a stiff bristle brush and wash off with water.

Areas where graffiti is deeply imbedded may require a second application.

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