• Timbermate
  • Earl's MulTFill
  • Earl's Powder Putty
  • Porion
  • Concremate
  • Earl's Wood Hardener
  • Waxstix
  • Quickties
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Un-Du
  • Tommy Tape
  • PC Products


Timbermate Water-Based Wood Filler
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Earl's MulTFill
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Earl's Powder Putty Interior/Exterior Filler
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Porion Flexible Exterior Filler
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Concremate Expanding Filler
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Timbermate Group have long been regarded as the filler specialists

Wood Repair

Wood Repair

PC Epoxy Putties

The "PC" range of products is non-toxic and can meet any need, from high-heat to underwater capabilities.

Tie Down Straps

Timbermate Group are specialists in high-end tie down products

Silicon Rescue Tape

Tommy Tape range of Silicon Rescue Tape's can be used for 1000's of applications from plumbing to electrical to gardening - expanding to 3 times the product length, being non conductive for a high heat resistance range

Adhesive Removal

The Un-Du range of adhesive removal products are market leaders that contain no oils, so will not mark the surface and allow the tackiness of the sticker etc. to return once the product dries!

Graffiti Removal Systems

Graffiti Removal Systems for any problem, from sacrificial barriers to graffiti removers for any surface

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